Sunday, December 2, 2012

THIS is what you have to show for yourself?

I'm back, sorry loyal viewers for last week's discrepancy, I got caught up helping a friend design her tattoo. But not to worry, I'm here with the eagerly awaited update!

To things started here's this:

I'd recommend watching the whole four minutes since he is a god, but if you can't the relevant part starts at 3:15.

And here they are:
#1 Mankind
Yes that is Jim as a whaler, it would make sense then that this scan came out particularly washed out so the contrast is upped, but even then it might be kind of hard to make out.

#2 The Pelican with a Machine Gun
While researching what exactly whalers look like I found my best info from the contestants of the Alaskan Whaler category at the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Who knew such a wonderful thing existed.

and finally a distant #3 The Lion on a Jet Ski

Another interesting I've come to remember is how intimidated I can get when using source material. I love the act of drawing but if I'm not careful when I want my drawing to look like something specific I use references, usually images from the internet, but then I get bogged down and afraid to draw. This drawing I attempted a few times, and I could get the lion to look decent, but I the whole drawing would suffer since most of my attention was focused on "getting it right" instead of creating a pleasing pose and the drawing itself. For this last attempt, I just closed all the tabs and went for it blind, it took way less time and I actually really enjoyed it.

And lastly a friend came over during the week and we had a drawing session where this came out, the design is mine and the shading is hers. Don't ask me what it is, I don;t know.

Well that's it for this week! We recently harvested another cat from their spawning grounds (the trash river). It will grow to be a legendary mouser for another volunteer but for now it's just a tiny one-eyed kitten that I am insisting we call Odin the All Father. More on that later. Thanks for stopping by!

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